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All Road Lead to Magic City

Based on the feature film documentary currently in development.


"Sort Of" star Amanda Cordner feels like she’s hit a ceiling in the endless world of auditions, self-tapes, and a lack of opportunities in the Canadian film and television industry. When she sees the glamorous strength and success of dancers at the legendary institution that is THE Magic City strip club in Atlanta, she wonders why she’s been working so hard “dancing for daddy” without seeing any payoff. Amanda’s awe-inspired visit to the club launches her on the road to physical training and getting into the elite performer mindset.


She interviews top-earning performers and entrepreneurs on topics of agency, money management, and being a boss bitch. Amanda asks each guest, when it comes down to it, “Should I become an elite Magic City stripper to build my empire?”



After losing her brother to a violent altercation, a teenager spirals into self-destructive behavior forcing her mother to send her to Cuba to live with her estranged father.

Inspired by the tone, cinematic quality, and soundtrack of TV series and films such as Euphoria, Monster (2018), and Waves. Kaleah is a stylized feature that has dream-like moments, with dark yet vivid tones throughout.


Kaleah explores Afro-Latinx family dynamics, grief, and healing. It focuses on the idiosyncrasies and socioeconomics of both Canadian and Cuban culture, and the relation between destruction, creation, and art. Through the protagonist's story arc we get to experience her journey of loss and finding solace and hope after a devastating loss. 


Click to watch the trailer for the award-winning proof of concept LAS OLAS

Feature Film

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To The Core

A Documentary Exploration of C-Section Births


"To The Core" investigates the rising rates of C-Section in Canada - questioning if every procedure is truly about saving lives or if other interests are at play within the medical system.


The global rate of Cesarean-section births (C-Sections) has skyrocketed, surpassing the World Health Organization's recommended threshold.   In Canada, approximately 1 in 3 births are delivered via C-Sections, and it’s the number one surgery performed in the country.

"To The Core" delves into this phenomenon, amplifying the voices of women who've undergone C-Sections, revealing the profound physical, mental, and emotional impacts. Many women share feeling coerced into emergency C-Sections, prompting questions about informed consent and effective maternal care.

The film features interviews with those mothers, as well as Obstetricians, OB Nurses, Midwives and Doulas, exploring the root causes of emergency C-Sections and offering insights on self-care before and after the procedure.  International statistics and celebrity experiences may further contextualize the issue.

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